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This year, I have mostly been...

The Kirsten Diaries

Last year, my New Years Resolution was to write in a diary EVERY day. I did so, so this year, it's on tour, and is going live...online!

Little Britain is love.

By w00tlikewoah

David Walliams is love sex.

By w00tlikewoah

Sebastian/Prime Minister is so very OTP love..

By w00tlikewoah

Alex Kapranos on stage is orgasmic love.

I know this won't work, but I'm keeping it here to remind me to copy it somewhere...
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You scored 98%!
What can I say? You are one die hard fan. Youve been through it all. Slow motion fights, you quote like a loony when your out in town, but they all look at you weirdly. So follows a tirade of abuse at their failure to follow what is so good and pure. Did you get that one with Ambers bra size? Thought you might you dirty bastard. Well done son/daughter, give me a mail, lets talk spaced.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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Franz Ferdinand
Indie rock! You're my most favourite type of
music... Your music channels lots of emotion.
On the top it seems simple, but underneath
there's always a deep meaning... As your name
you're independent from most of music! Stay
that way! Good on you! There's so much
variation in your style...from deep and
thoughtful like The Stills, to happy go lucky
like Belle & Sebastian, to dancy and catchy
Franz Ferdinand, and back to boogie down Hot
Hot Heat and The Rapture...

What genre of rock are you?
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Alex Kapranos
Like singer/guitarist Alex Kapranos, your sense of
style is off the charts, and is capable of
making everyone melt in admiration of how
gorgeous and suave you look. Or maybe they're
just melting because of the heat you're giving
off from being so incredibly attractive.
Whatever it is that you've got, everyone wants

Which Franz Ferdinand fashion style do you have?
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You are Bob
You are Bob Hardy the bassist of the band. You're
the youngest of the group and the only one that
had never been in the music world. Before Alex
taught you how to play the guitar you were in
Art school. In your heart you will always be an

Which member of Franz Ferdinand are you
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Made bymarinshe

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